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the experience


There is nothing worse than first date nerves so at Jennmark we get to know you from the beginning. 

Before ever booking a client we will schedule time for you and Jenn to have a few minutes to chat. Jenn loves to hear about your vision for your session, any concern you may have about booking and/or shooting, and about you in general. She has built connections with her clients that often end up in friendships. Connections and your vibe together impact you session. They really matter to us. 

After booking your session, Jenn and her team work behind the scenes to plan the perfect session for you. Whether it be a style guide, choosing the best studio location,  scheduling time with our hair and makeup assistant or answering your texts of questions. A few days before your session, Jenn will give you a call to answer any last-minute questions you might have. We are here for you! By the time your session arrives, we promise you will feel fully prepared. 


During your session, Jenn will be there to guide you through positioning, give you cues to shake off your nerves, and capture you in the best light and moments possible. Jenn shoots with an assistant who is by her side to help with lighting, littles, and pets. Most likely Jenn with have music playing for you to dance to any moment you wish. 



Think back to the last photo shoot you had before you considered Jennmark session. Did you receive digital images or printed art? If you were given digital art, how many of those images did you get to choose yourself? How many of the images you received did you print? How many of those images have you seen in the last 6 months? More often than not clients will tell us that they never printed their images and if they did it was a few files. The remaining files have never seen a wall or a smiling face. Photography is an investment. Cherish the images made with that investment. Enjoy them.


After your session we will follow up with you to schedule time for your in-person viewing session where you and Jenn will look through your gallery and choose the images you love and want to print and keep as treasures. Jenn will be with during your decision process to guide you to use your investment intentionally as well help you choose the printed art that best fits your design needs. 

We are here to be your go-to team to make sure your photography experience is worth your investment, fun, and memorable. 

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