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HI! I'M JENN! The "hype girl" and "the magician."

I am the face, comedian, and creator behind the lens. I am a mom of three wild boys, a Pisces, a cat lover, a want to be plant lady, a true crime addict, and a insanely passionate creative with an intense love of photography. 

There are three things you need to know before you shoot with me:

1. I am a complete nerd and it will get weird.

2. I accept tips in the form of Dr. Martens and fashion. 

3. I am goofy and will most likely dance during your session and will inevitably drop a line from The Office.

I am not joking about any of those! Kind of, but not really. 

As cliché as it sounds, photography found me. I have developed a ridiculous love level of capturing raw true emotion in my photo sessions. Any time I walk into a shoot, my goal is to bring out the best in my clients so they walk away with images that speak to them. Photography is more than a cold frame to me. It is memories frozen, laughter captured, and love that is palpable. ​

Very early on in my journey of photography I learned that your vibe with me directly impacts your photo session and that our connection is as important as the quality of your images is. So many of my clients are now the friends who I call to grab coffee with when I am in their part of town. 

I cannot wait to shoot with you, but more than anything I cannot wait to connect with you, laugh with you, and create with you!


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my passion


Yep, that's me circa 1995 trying to smile through another photo session at JCPenny that my mom made me suffer through. 

Growing up and even into my adult life I never felt pretty in photos. I never really felt pretty in general. There were few photos I looked back at and thought I looked beautiful in. Professional photos were kind of a dread. They just reminded me of how insecure and awkward I felt. 

It was not until my 30's that I started feeling like I was happy with my image in photos. My thirties, people! 

But - I realized I was not the problem. It was that "it's you, not me" moments. If I had help with styling, posing, and someone saying "YAASSS GIRL" while they were photographing me I would have likely felt so differently about my photos. I need a hand to hold to gently pull me from my shell and to help me see my own beauty. 

You deserve to feel as amazing as you are! We are each created with a unique story and a unique beauty. I want to show every person who steps in front of my lens their uniqueness. I never want someone to feel the way I felt looking at photos of myself. I don't want another person to feel the feelings I felt during sessions. 

Sometimes it takes an outside view to show us that. I am here to be the one to show you the beauty I see in you. 

Let's find your fierce and create images you truly love seeing yourself in!

why photography

mark ridgeway

My passion for photography came as a result of losing my father, Mark. In 2015, my father unexpectedly passed away. During the grieving process I searched for a creative outlet to heal through so I picked up a camera, sat in a field of cows for 2 hours, taught myself to use that camera, and the rest is history.


I very quickly realized that I did not want to just capture pretty images. I wanted to give my clients what I do not have; memories in print. I knew my father for less than two years and had one photo with him. That grainy iPhone photo is all I have. Gosh what I would give to change that! Through photography I feel a sense of giving people what I will never have and that is an incredibly fulfilling purpose.

I have a love for many aspects of photography, but Jennmark specializes in portraits, corporate and professional head shots, lifestyle sessions, and wedding photography. In a very short time behind the camera I have been fortunate to have been a published photographer and featured in magazine articles. My clients range from adorable families to corporate clients for some of the largest companies in TX and the US.

My goal for every session, no matter the size, is to give my client an experience like no other session they have had. Photo sessions should not be boring or stressful. Instead they should be warm and filled with laughter. I want to help create memories and cultivate love and emotion through my work. More than anything I want to give my clients memories in print.


the only photo I have with my dad

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