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Before you dive in, I am going to need you to know that is written from a photographer who 100% loves (literally LOVES) what she does and who is honored anytime a client chooses her. This bog was written by yours truly with input from other service industry professionals.

This is a safe space where you are appreciated. This is to share the perspective of the people behind the lens.

Google "how to choose the right photographer" or "how to choose the best photographer" and you will see articles and posts galore. Right? There are a lot of rules for us on the side behind the lens. A LOT.

Now Google "how to be a good photography client." I would say I would wait for you to tell me what you find, but I don't have that kind of time on my hands. Tis a vast difference.

Somewhere at some point we forgot that not only do we need to choose the right professional for our needs, but we also need to be a good consumer. We set really high expectations on photographers (and anyone in the service industry, really), but did you know they have some expectations for you too? They are often too worried about offending potential clients to voice them though.

Well, I am taking one for the team. I want mutual respect to be common and I am tired of watching my peers get burnt out because they feel like their needs do not matter.

So, here is what photographers and service industry pros wish you knew:


Jenn D. Ridgeway


i'm jenn

HI! I'M JENN! The "hype girl" and "the magician."

I am the face, comedian, and creator behind the lens. I am the mom of three wild boys, a Pisces, a cat lover, a want to be plant lady, a true crime addict, and a insanely passionate creative with an intense love of photography. 

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5 Tips to Help You Avoid Having Monster Kids At Your Photo Session

April 15, 2021
Coming from this mom of three boys (yes, my house is wild) who has been through some nightmare photo sessions herself, I know the fear of “will my kids be terroristic monsters at our photoshoot?”

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