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You showed up to a photo session, met your photographer for the first time, worried you are not wearing the right clothes, you likely felt awkward and self conscious, hoped you know what to do with our face, survived through forced poses, and prayed by some miracle your photographer ends up with two usable photos. You may have left that session thinking "whew, glad that is over with." Somewhere we were told this was how photography is supposed to be. 

Not here. Not ever. 

You deserve better than that! Your photos deserve more than that. My approach to photography is simple: I want to be your friend, the one who connects with you, brings out the best in you, and the person who you create beauty and memories with. I want to be your director and your hype girl who says "yaaaaass, work it" during your session. 

More than anything I want you to be the one to show you the beauty I see in you through my lens and leave your session feeling happy, seen, confident, and loved.


i'm jenn

At Jennmark I want to walk with you during your photography journey and help you create lasting timeless moments. I am here to guide you every step of the way. From: location planning, finding the perfect light, helping you plan outfits for every person in your session, choosing the images you love, hand editing your selections all the way to walking with you to the point of displaying your images. I am here for you.  I want to be your go-to girl! 

Let's be was not fun until you met me. So let's go grab a donut together and start creating beauty together. 

cool cats only

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Jenn is a multi published and featured photographer.
You are basically hiring a celebrity! 

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